Types of Cable Trays and Uses

What are Cable Trays?

Cable trays are used for providing mechanical protection in an environment where large quantities of power control cables are at work. Besides providing mechanical protection, these cables are also designed to facilitate a perfect routing path for power or control cables. These cables could be both overhead and underground.

There are a variety of cable trays available in different materials. Cable tray manufacturers make cable trays with galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and glass-fiber reinforced plastic. Deciding about which cable tray to choose completely depends on the usage and installation environment. Here the installation environment refers to taking into account electrical considerations as well as corrosion. Besides, the cost is also an important decisive factor to be taken into account while picking cable trays. Let’s take a look at various types of cable trays-

Aluminium Cable Trays

Cable trays manufactured with aluminum by cable tray manufacturers in India are known as aluminum cable trays. Typically, these cable trays can be used in almost any environment. They have a repute of having a good strength-to-weight ratio and commendable resistance to corrosion. That’s not it. These cable trays are easy to install and are also advantageous because of their lightweight. According to fastener manufacturers in India, these cable trays are approximately 50 percent lighter than steel cable trays.

Steel Cable Trays

Cable tray manufacturers also recommended using steel cable trays. They are highly popular because of several qualities and benefits. Steel cable trays offer exceptionally high strength and are low cost also. The only downside to steel cable trays is their high weight and lesser corrosion resistance. Apart from these cons, these cable trays are ideal to use in a variety of applications.


Stainless Steel Cable Trays

Stainless steel cable trays are also widely used across various industries. They are highly resistant to dyestuffs. Besides, great resistance to organic as well as inorganic chemicals in extremely high temperatures is the hallmark of stainless steel cable trays.


Ladder Type Cable Trays

It might surprise you that 80 percent of the cable trays used in any industry are ladder-type cable trays. Moisture doesn’t accumulate in this cable tray type.


Solid Bottom Cable Trays

If you are using sensitive circuits, then solid bottom cable trays are the best pick. These cable trays contain a solid bottom part with a solid cover. For superior EMI or RFI protection, these cable trays must be used. All fastener manufacturers in India recommend the same.

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