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How a young company is changing the face of global engineering in India

Henry Petroski once said, “Science is about knowing. Engineering is about doing.”

The Tembo Global Industries Ltd. is where  Science  Meets Engineering. Under the leadership of Mr Sanjay J Patel (Managing Director) and Mr Shabbir merchant (Director), what started as a Trade and Export House in 2010 soon powered ahead towards becoming India’s leading manufacturer of engineering solutions with a widespread global presence in more than 50 countries.

Tembo is an industrial powerhouse involved in the manufacturing and fabrication of products used in Pipe Support Systems, Fasteners, Anchors, HVAC, Anti-Vibration Systems and Equipment for Industrial, Commercial, Utility and OEM  Installations  With many internationally accredited certifications like UL, FM, MSSP, CE, ACAS, EOTA NFPA, AEO and others, Tembo manufactures quality goods which go through advanced engineering using the latest innovation and robust research. Being a part of the Green Revolution, Tembo products are produced in safe, gender-neutral and modern plants located in Mumbai. Tembo has numerous prestigious clients located across the globe in the United States, UK, Gulf, Asian & European Countries. The brand has been associated with esteemed global projects and brands like Saudi  Aramco, FIFA Stadium, Qatar Airport, Golden Tower Jeddah, L&T India Projects and others. Tembo went public in 2d18 at the NSE and has served the investors well since then.

The Beginning

Tembo was incorporated in  2010  by Mr Sanjay  Patel  & Mr Piyush Patel as Saketh Exim Pvt. Ltd. as a Trading and Exporting Firm. The company joined hands with Mr Huseni Merchant and Mr Shabbir Merchant who were veterans in manufacturing pipe hangers and support systems. Mr Shabbir Merchant heads sales, production and finance and also serves as a CFO. They were joined by Mrs Fatema S Kachwala and Mr Shalin Patel who represent the management with diverse skillsets and well-defined roles.

A New North Star-Saketh Seven Star

Saketh Seven Star was incorporated in 2019 and is involved in the manufacturing of engineering products, fasteners, dies, moulds & tools, alloys, and various other fabrication work related to engineering. Saketh provides zinc flake plating and mechanical zinc plating for in-house products and serves premium fastener companies serving multiple engineering sectors like Automobile, Energy, Oil & Gas and others. Saketh is also heavily invested in precision dies and moulds used to make multi-purpose household and commercial products for mass manufacturing.

Saketh-Rawlplug Collaboration

Rawlplug, a Poland-based 100-year-old company and the world’s leading manufacturer of fasteners and pioneer specialist for anchoring and fixing systems, includes mechanical and bonded anchor systems, facade insulation systems and stone cladding fixing systems for safety-critical applications. Rawlplug has joined hands with Saketh Seven Star for the distribution of its products across western India. Rawlplug serves automotive companies like Ferrari, Volkswagen, Daimler Mercedes, Fiat, PSA Peugeot Citroen, BMW and others. “Together with Rawlplug, we at Saketh Seven Star hope to grow and explore new horizons and ventures to achieve higher targets and look forward to making a mark in the industry,” said Mr Sanjay Patel. The company’s in-depth market understanding, with constant innovation, R&D, and superior-tech know-how will be invaluable in the creation of products & consolidating its position in Global Economy & Infrastructure Development by coming together to build a Responsible Planet.

New Tembo – Powering Ahead

“Saketh Exim Limited” changed to “Tembo Global Industries Limited” in 2020 for a better global appeal. The new Tembo logo depicts the idea of moving ahead always, poised gracefully and powerfully against the rising Sun. Tembo believes that engineering stands for constant progress towards building a better and stronger tomorrow. The philosophy of the brand is to serve customers with the most advanced quality-led global engineering solutions in their journey of  “POWERING AHEAD”.

The Future

Setting new benchmarks in the engineering sector, Tembo looks forward to being a leader in the manufacturing of various pipeline products, and fasteners and reaching a production capacity of 14,000 tons per month by 2024. The company has a vision of achieving a USD 1 billion turnover by 2030 The company is also working on vertical expansion by introducing new products and forming a new subsidiary in the next 2-3 years.

Looking at their past and plans for their future one can truly say that “TEMBO IS POWERING AHEAD!”

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