The Right Metal is Very Important in Expansion Joints


Expansion joints are movement joints that mimic living muscles by expanding and contracting as per the requirement. This movement helps in contributing to the stability of the structure, and can also be used to counter seismic activity. Another purpose of theirs is in creating gaps in buildings which can be later filled with stronger materials to enhance its durability. These joints can withstand almost all occurrences of harsh weather – from strong winds to freezing temperatures. The reason behind their extremophile behavior is the sturdy metals that are used to forge them. Here are some reasons for why the right metal is always important for making these joints. All of the reasons are agreed upon by renowned expansion joint manufacturers.

Metals are Generally Not Weather-Tolerant

Various changes in temperatures such as extreme heat can cause the metals in the building to expand. In such situations, the joints are meant to contract and counter the expansion. However, in cases where the joints are made from temperature sensitive materials, they may not do so and may expand with the temperature as well. This can create dangerous situations such as causing the building to topple over. On the other hand, if materials drop below the freezing point, the materials contract. If the right metal is not used in the joints, they may become brittle and crack. In some cases, construction teams choose to use anti vibration rubber pads to counter the building’s motion in extreme weather. However, these are used in combination with the expansion joints and not solitarily.

Frequency of Joint Placement

In some cases, where sturdy joints are not used, an increase in the frequency of the joints can balance the scales. Unfortunately, this does not save the construction team any money and can in fact lead to losses. Therefore, it is important to buy strong joints which can be used at a lower frequency and thereby save your team a lot of money.


As mentioned above, these expansion joints are meant to help the building cope with seismic activity. This is not an easy task, and requires the metals used to be extremely elastic. This would help the joints function normally without cracking under the immense forces of the Earth’s shaking.

As you can see, choosing movement joints made from the right metal is very important as this can make the difference between a standing building and one that isn’t. You must visit a reputed expansion joint manufacturer to purchase the ideal joints for your project.

How various steel products could enhance your industry-specific operations?

Is your factory/industrial space smart? Referring to smart means; are your workstation products capable of preventing internal/external problems.Improving the processes and removing obstacles to reorganize the way you work should be the correct approach towards choosing any manufacturing products. Let’s talk about the steel products and its industry-specific importance. It is very imperative to know how you will optimize the equipment and processes using quality steel products. Here are some of the benefits of using quality steel products for manufacturing and fabrication of various products:

  • Enhance your operations: In case of any disruption or unwanted situation, using optimized steel products could become remedial and augment your productivity.
  • Improve work safety: Any kind of workplace hazards occurring in real time could be prevented.
  • Custom Fabrication: In order to fit in any sort of processes, you can also avail products with high tolerances and industry standards.

A few criteria to know about steel products and its manufacturing.

Regardless of whichever steel manufacturing company you choose one thing is for sure; a manufacturer whose products continually operates in the most efficient and cost-effective manner will ultimately create a win-win situation for you. Be it for simple pipe hangers, HVAC system, construction/industrial processes, or OEM installations, quality and long-term support are the two must haves you should look for in manufacturers.

Be it a U bolt manufacturer or Aerospace manufacturer, quality should remain accurate and persistent. Here are a few industry specific criteria you could refer to while choosing steel manufacturer for your industry specific operations:

General Capabilities:

To avail ultimate high-quality products, management practices should followflexible and on-time deliveryin cost efficient manner. Contracts, Large quantity products, and offshore capabilities matters a lot when you look forward to optimum satisfaction. Be it for electrical, food, heavy duty vehicles, or automotive machineries, products should meet the exact requirements and favorable condition.


The management and manufacturing processes should prove the quality of products following the ISO certification. Availing industry specific and mill-specific materials from a certified manufacturer would render consistency and safety at each stage of your workspace process.

The Religious Process:

A well-maintained storage, precise processing, accurate testing and on-time delivery is a standard yet persistent process any steel manufacturing company follows. Distributing products within production schedules and commitments allows rapid installation, minimal scrap and maximum production.

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