Clevis Hanger


A CLEVIS HANGER provides for sizeable and for an elevation adjustment depending upon the pipe diameter. The lower nut adjusts the piping to the proper elevation and the upper nut, when locked into position, prevents loosening due to vibration.


A CLEVIS HANGER is made up of 2 pieces of mild steel shaped to support pipe which is connected with each other with help of a nut & bolt. provides double thickness at the support. suitable for fire extinguishing pipe installation.

Approvals:ANSI/MSS SP-58 & SP-69(Type 1) Federal Specification WW-H-171E & A-A-1192A(Type 1)
Type:Pipe Hanger
Material:Mild Steel. Also, other materials can be provided on request
Sizes:Min - 1/2" | Max - 30”
Max Temp:343°C(650°F)
Finish:Plain, & Epoxy Coated. Electro-Galvanized, Hot Dip Galvanized, Zinc Flake
Max Load:As per Size
Min Load:As per Size

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