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How a young company is changing the face of global engineering in India

Henry Petroski once said, “Science is about knowing. Engineering is about doing.”

The Tembo Global Industries Ltd. is where  Science  Meets Engineering. Under the leadership of Mr Sanjay J Patel (Managing Director) and Mr Shabbir merchant (Director), what started as a Trade and Export House in 2010 soon powered ahead towards becoming India’s leading manufacturer of engineering solutions with a widespread global presence in more than 50 countries.

Tembo is an industrial powerhouse involved in the manufacturing and fabrication of products used in Pipe Support Systems, Fasteners, Anchors, HVAC, Anti-Vibration Systems and Equipment for Industrial, Commercial, Utility and OEM  Installations  With many internationally accredited certifications like UL, FM, MSSP, CE, ACAS, EOTA NFPA, AEO and others, Tembo manufactures quality goods which go through advanced engineering using the latest innovation and robust research. Being a part of the Green Revolution, Tembo products are produced in safe, gender-neutral and modern plants located in Mumbai. Tembo has numerous prestigious clients located across the globe in the United States, UK, Gulf, Asian & European Countries. The brand has been associated with esteemed global projects and brands like Saudi  Aramco, FIFA Stadium, Qatar Airport, Golden Tower Jeddah, L&T India Projects and others. Tembo went public in 2d18 at the NSE and has served the investors well since then.

The Beginning

Tembo was incorporated in  2010  by Mr Sanjay  Patel  & Mr Piyush Patel as Saketh Exim Pvt. Ltd. as a Trading and Exporting Firm. The company joined hands with Mr Huseni Merchant and Mr Shabbir Merchant who were veterans in manufacturing pipe hangers and support systems. Mr Shabbir Merchant heads sales, production and finance and also serves as a CFO. They were joined by Mrs Fatema S Kachwala and Mr Shalin Patel who represent the management with diverse skillsets and well-defined roles.

A New North Star-Saketh Seven Star

Saketh Seven Star was incorporated in 2019 and is involved in the manufacturing of engineering products, fasteners, dies, moulds & tools, alloys, and various other fabrication work related to engineering. Saketh provides zinc flake plating and mechanical zinc plating for in-house products and serves premium fastener companies serving multiple engineering sectors like Automobile, Energy, Oil & Gas and others. Saketh is also heavily invested in precision dies and moulds used to make multi-purpose household and commercial products for mass manufacturing.

Saketh-Rawlplug Collaboration

Rawlplug, a Poland-based 100-year-old company and the world’s leading manufacturer of fasteners and pioneer specialist for anchoring and fixing systems, includes mechanical and bonded anchor systems, facade insulation systems and stone cladding fixing systems for safety-critical applications. Rawlplug has joined hands with Saketh Seven Star for the distribution of its products across western India. Rawlplug serves automotive companies like Ferrari, Volkswagen, Daimler Mercedes, Fiat, PSA Peugeot Citroen, BMW and others. “Together with Rawlplug, we at Saketh Seven Star hope to grow and explore new horizons and ventures to achieve higher targets and look forward to making a mark in the industry,” said Mr Sanjay Patel. The company’s in-depth market understanding, with constant innovation, R&D, and superior-tech know-how will be invaluable in the creation of products & consolidating its position in Global Economy & Infrastructure Development by coming together to build a Responsible Planet.

New Tembo – Powering Ahead

“Saketh Exim Limited” changed to “Tembo Global Industries Limited” in 2020 for a better global appeal. The new Tembo logo depicts the idea of moving ahead always, poised gracefully and powerfully against the rising Sun. Tembo believes that engineering stands for constant progress towards building a better and stronger tomorrow. The philosophy of the brand is to serve customers with the most advanced quality-led global engineering solutions in their journey of  “POWERING AHEAD”.

The Future

Setting new benchmarks in the engineering sector, Tembo looks forward to being a leader in the manufacturing of various pipeline products, and fasteners and reaching a production capacity of 14,000 tons per month by 2024. The company has a vision of achieving a USD 1 billion turnover by 2030 The company is also working on vertical expansion by introducing new products and forming a new subsidiary in the next 2-3 years.

Looking at their past and plans for their future one can truly say that “TEMBO IS POWERING AHEAD!”

All You Need To Know About Clevis Pipe Hangers

Pipe hangers are usually used to give support to the hanging pipes of a pipe system. Most of the problems are faced while setting up a heavy pipe system in an area with limited space. The best solution for this problem is to use pipe hangers to support the piping system. There are various types of pipe hangers which include band hangers, clevis hangers, spring hangers, and roller hangers. Among all of them, clevis hangers are most effective as they properly support the pipe system to avoid breakage.

Clevis Hanger

A clevis hanger has a swivel yoke at the top supported by an adjustable vertical rod. It has two clevises, one V-shaped and the other U-shaped. The V-shaped clevis is attached to the ceiling and the U-shaped clevis is used to hold the pipe securely in its place. When heavy pipe systems are to be fixed, they need extra support but at the same time, they do not have extra space. In such a case, Clevis hangers are used to give proper support. The low price and strength of the hangers make it best suitable for big projects.

When to Use Clevis Hanger?

Although Clevis hangers are used to provide support to slopping pipes, they can also be used for a DIY project that requires extra support. The first thing to keep in mind while selecting a pipe hanger is to select the appropriate size of hangers for the pipe system. Choose the size that corresponds to the outer diameter of the pipe. When deciding the number of hangers, keep the general rule in mind that is one hanger every two feet for small pipes and one hanger every foot of the longer pipes. You can use more or fewer hangers based on the need for a specific project. 

The next thing is to select the metal rods for hanger installation. While choosing the rod, keep in mind the size of the hanger. Choose a rod that can easily fit in the hole of the U-shaped clevis of the hanger. Also, consider the space between the pipe and ceiling while choosing metal rods. To properly lock the hangers, choose two appropriately sized nuts per rod. 

The final step is to install the clevis pipe hanger into the system using available materials. Make use of an electric drill machine to install the hangers. The hangers prevent the horizontal movement of the pipes but most of the hangers allow some vertical movement without removing the pipe. To alter the vertical placement, simply adjust the bolts around the V-shaped clevis. For sloped surfaces, clevis hangers are suitable as it allows adjusting the vertical placement of hangers.

With such benefits and uses, the clevis pipe hanger is suitable for heavy and big pipe systems. It’s better to select the hanger based on the pipe system. Make sure to use hangers that can give the best support to the pipe systems.

Types of Beam Clamps & Safety Tips

Beam clamps are known for providing adequate support and portable means of attaching a hoist to a lifting beam or runway. They are crucial to the industrial sector as they offer proper support and better load control. There are 3 types of beam clamps available on the market. Let’s take a look at all 3 types-

Scissor Type Beam Clamps

One of the basic clamp types, the scissor beam clamp is considered ideal for the majority of lifting applications. Since it used a scissor action to manipulate the weight of the load and apply clamping load, it is called a scissor-type beam clamp. The clamping jaws of this beam clamp are quite rough and hence enable them to form a better grip.

Before you put it into use, make sure to check its condition and inspect the pivot bolt and watch for any sort of wear and tear. You must also check the SWL, identification, and the beam it can be used with.

Adjustable Type Beam Clamps (With Fixed Jaw)

Screw thread, screw spigot, and tommy bar must be checked thoroughly. SWL and identification must also be checked properly before it is put to use.

Adjustable Type Beam Clamps (With Swivel Jaw)

With swivel jaw beam clamps, the swivel jaws must be able to move freely. Like all other beam clamps, the SWL, identification, screw spigot, screw thread, and tommy bar must also be checked along with its general condition.

Here’s a list of pre-inspection tips you must follow to avoid any occupational hazards

  1. Always check that the beam clamp is of the perfect size for the beam. Choosing the wrong sized clamp or structural beam clamp will only lead to problems.
  2. Inspect the clamp properly for any sort of wear, deterioration, or damage. Shackle and hinge attachment points must be checked thoroughly for this.
  3. Examine the Tommy handle for damage and distortion.
  4. Always check SWL and identification as well as colour code. Never exceed the advised SWL of beam clamp.
  5. Screw spigots must not be damaged or worn out.
  6. Never try to replace bolts without consulting the supplier. The fitting of a wrong screw can cause damage to the beam clamp.

Hope you found the information and tips provided above useful. If you have any questions about these clamps or even how to use saddle clamps or how to buy them, drop us a line and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Types of Cable Trays and Uses

What are Cable Trays?

Cable trays are used for providing mechanical protection in an environment where large quantities of power control cables are at work. Besides providing mechanical protection, these cables are also designed to facilitate a perfect routing path for power or control cables. These cables could be both overhead and underground.

There are a variety of cable trays available in different materials. Cable tray manufacturers make cable trays with galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and glass-fiber reinforced plastic. Deciding about which cable tray to choose completely depends on the usage and installation environment. Here the installation environment refers to taking into account electrical considerations as well as corrosion. Besides, the cost is also an important decisive factor to be taken into account while picking cable trays. Let’s take a look at various types of cable trays-

Aluminium Cable Trays

Cable trays manufactured with aluminum by cable tray manufacturers in India are known as aluminum cable trays. Typically, these cable trays can be used in almost any environment. They have a repute of having a good strength-to-weight ratio and commendable resistance to corrosion. That’s not it. These cable trays are easy to install and are also advantageous because of their lightweight. According to fastener manufacturers in India, these cable trays are approximately 50 percent lighter than steel cable trays.

Steel Cable Trays

Cable tray manufacturers also recommended using steel cable trays. They are highly popular because of several qualities and benefits. Steel cable trays offer exceptionally high strength and are low cost also. The only downside to steel cable trays is their high weight and lesser corrosion resistance. Apart from these cons, these cable trays are ideal to use in a variety of applications.


Stainless Steel Cable Trays

Stainless steel cable trays are also widely used across various industries. They are highly resistant to dyestuffs. Besides, great resistance to organic as well as inorganic chemicals in extremely high temperatures is the hallmark of stainless steel cable trays.


Ladder Type Cable Trays

It might surprise you that 80 percent of the cable trays used in any industry are ladder-type cable trays. Moisture doesn’t accumulate in this cable tray type.


Solid Bottom Cable Trays

If you are using sensitive circuits, then solid bottom cable trays are the best pick. These cable trays contain a solid bottom part with a solid cover. For superior EMI or RFI protection, these cable trays must be used. All fastener manufacturers in India recommend the same.

For any queries about any cable tray types, feel free to get in touch with us. Stay tuned!

The Right Metal is Very Important in Expansion Joints


Expansion joints are movement joints that mimic living muscles by expanding and contracting as per the requirement. This movement helps in contributing to the stability of the structure, and can also be used to counter seismic activity. Another purpose of theirs is in creating gaps in buildings which can be later filled with stronger materials to enhance its durability. These joints can withstand almost all occurrences of harsh weather – from strong winds to freezing temperatures. The reason behind their extremophile behavior is the sturdy metals that are used to forge them. Here are some reasons for why the right metal is always important for making these joints. All of the reasons are agreed upon by renowned expansion joint manufacturers.

Metals are Generally Not Weather-Tolerant

Various changes in temperatures such as extreme heat can cause the metals in the building to expand. In such situations, the joints are meant to contract and counter the expansion. However, in cases where the joints are made from temperature sensitive materials, they may not do so and may expand with the temperature as well. This can create dangerous situations such as causing the building to topple over. On the other hand, if materials drop below the freezing point, the materials contract. If the right metal is not used in the joints, they may become brittle and crack. In some cases, construction teams choose to use anti vibration rubber pads to counter the building’s motion in extreme weather. However, these are used in combination with the expansion joints and not solitarily.

Frequency of Joint Placement

In some cases, where sturdy joints are not used, an increase in the frequency of the joints can balance the scales. Unfortunately, this does not save the construction team any money and can in fact lead to losses. Therefore, it is important to buy strong joints which can be used at a lower frequency and thereby save your team a lot of money.


As mentioned above, these expansion joints are meant to help the building cope with seismic activity. This is not an easy task, and requires the metals used to be extremely elastic. This would help the joints function normally without cracking under the immense forces of the Earth’s shaking.

As you can see, choosing movement joints made from the right metal is very important as this can make the difference between a standing building and one that isn’t. You must visit a reputed expansion joint manufacturer to purchase the ideal joints for your project.

How various steel products could enhance your industry-specific operations?

Is your factory/industrial space smart? Referring to smart means; are your workstation products capable of preventing internal/external problems.Improving the processes and removing obstacles to reorganize the way you work should be the correct approach towards choosing any manufacturing products. Let’s talk about the steel products and its industry-specific importance. It is very imperative to know how you will optimize the equipment and processes using quality steel products. Here are some of the benefits of using quality steel products for manufacturing and fabrication of various products:

  • Enhance your operations: In case of any disruption or unwanted situation, using optimized steel products could become remedial and augment your productivity.
  • Improve work safety: Any kind of workplace hazards occurring in real time could be prevented.
  • Custom Fabrication: In order to fit in any sort of processes, you can also avail products with high tolerances and industry standards.

A few criteria to know about steel products and its manufacturing.

Regardless of whichever steel manufacturing company you choose one thing is for sure; a manufacturer whose products continually operates in the most efficient and cost-effective manner will ultimately create a win-win situation for you. Be it for simple pipe hangers, HVAC system, construction/industrial processes, or OEM installations, quality and long-term support are the two must haves you should look for in manufacturers.

Be it a U bolt manufacturer or Aerospace manufacturer, quality should remain accurate and persistent. Here are a few industry specific criteria you could refer to while choosing steel manufacturer for your industry specific operations:

General Capabilities:

To avail ultimate high-quality products, management practices should followflexible and on-time deliveryin cost efficient manner. Contracts, Large quantity products, and offshore capabilities matters a lot when you look forward to optimum satisfaction. Be it for electrical, food, heavy duty vehicles, or automotive machineries, products should meet the exact requirements and favorable condition.


The management and manufacturing processes should prove the quality of products following the ISO certification. Availing industry specific and mill-specific materials from a certified manufacturer would render consistency and safety at each stage of your workspace process.

The Religious Process:

A well-maintained storage, precise processing, accurate testing and on-time delivery is a standard yet persistent process any steel manufacturing company follows. Distributing products within production schedules and commitments allows rapid installation, minimal scrap and maximum production.

If you are looking forward to availing steel products then don’t miss Saketh Exim while preparing a list to contact/enquire. They are one of the leading threaded rod suppliers in India also having accreditation of pipe support system. Their product portfolio also includes various bathroom accessories and sanitary wares apart from commercial and industry specific products.

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