Pipe hanger


PIPE HANGER is recommended for non-insulated stationary pipe lines in either a horizontal or vertical position. It can be used for supporting pipes along with the roof as well as walls.


PIPE HANGER consists of a piece of mild steel shaped to wrap around the pipe, The selection of the PIPE CLAMP depends upon the temperature of the piping system and load to be carried. The pipe hanger permits installation before and after the pipe is placed.

Approvals:UL listed
Type:Without lining, With lining-heavy duty, Easy fix pipe hanger with EPDM lining
Material:Mild Steel. Also other materials can be provided on request
Sizes:Min - 1/2" | Max - 3"
Max Temp:-20°C 110°C
Finish:Plain, Electro-Galvanized, Hot Dip Galvanized & Zinc Flake.
Max Load:As per Size
Min Load:As per Size

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